source Need more persuading before heading to your first practice? Here’s ten reasons you should join a Morris team right now, courtesy of Five Rivers Morris.


  1. cos e autopzionibinarie The people, the friends and the social scene. Of course there are exceptions, but you’ll struggle to find a friendlier bunch than Morris dancers. Strapping on bells and waving hankies around as a pastime seems to strip away all pretentions and as a result the Morris scene tends to be non judgemental and welcoming and there’s great camaraderie between members of sides. To most Morris sides the ‘Après-Morris’ is just as, if not more important than the dancing itself, and the events they attend will reflect this. You’ll find sides with lots of kids at more family-friendly events, whereas others might be in it for the pub crawls.
  2. get link The beer. It’s often said that Morris teams are drinkers with a dance problem. Even the most sober of Morris teams (if they exist) will spend much of their time dancing within easy reach of a pub, beer tent or other purveyor of alcoholic beverages. If you’re looking for a hobby that involves visiting lots of great pubs and drinking excellent beer (or other drink of choice) then Morris could be for you.
  3. see Festivals. Until you join a Morris team and the invites begin rolling in, you don’t realise just how many festivals and events take place every year. There are few finer ways to spend a Summer weekend than touring pretty market towns, enjoying a few pints, followed by an evening listening to music in the concert marquee. What’s even better is…
  4. opzioni digitali su youtube They’re usually free! Most Morris teams will attend a couple of festivals a year around the UK and sometimes even overseas, for which free tickets and camping is nearly always provided, plus half price tickets for partners. A great way to have some cheap weekends away to places you’d probably otherwise never visit and see some great bands along the way.

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